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A powerful solution to drive your business worldwide.
For a complete management: store operations, sales, reports and strategy. 
Multilanguage, multicurrency, multitax.


To receive information on real time is essential; for this reason Atelier 98 Business Intelligence is designed to give rapid and correct information, specific for fashion.

The Business Intelligence of Atelier 98 is Microsoft certified. It Can be used by remote through the On-line and Off-line modality.

It is easy even to manage a chain of stores with a high data volume.

Analysis specific for fashion with detailed instructions and in different layouts.

The list of available reports is customizable also for single user. More than 1.200.000 groupings are available for every report along the geographical dimension, the items, the customers and the time.


All the reports can be visualized in simple grid, in double grid Master/Detail with multiple selection, in Crystal Reports preview, in export to Excel.

Favourite reports Management

Specific, generic and multiple filters; also by date and month. Sizes are always available, also in the total for grouping.


When the report is detailed by item, additional descriptions are available and photos can be viewed  in different dimensions.

Easy and extremely fast data extractions can be executed to automatically create following transactions in the POS module.


Atelier98 is produced from Reprosoft srl
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