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A powerful solution to drive your business worldwide.
For a complete management: store operations, sales, reports and strategy. 
Multilanguage, multicurrency, multitax.


With the Buyer module of Atelier 98, there is a big reduction of time and costs. Easy insertion of the orders and the deliveries:  you can use the same codes assigned by the supplier.
Quick insertion of new stock and photo association: automatic classification by season, group, brand, sector, size, color,..

Orders by type of collection: Pre-Collection, Main Collection, Post-Collection complete of specific and detailed reports.

Usable by remote: you can raise the orders directly from the showrooms.
Quick insertion of deliveries and fast production of barcode labels: the items are ready to be sold straight away.

Joint management of orders and deliveries: This key feature allows you to link all the deliveries to the initial order. Full list of specific reports.

It is available a simple supplier’s bill book to create and check invoices.
It is possible to make group adjustments rather than editing every single item.



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